Spring Seeings.
APRIL 2021

Close your eyes and open the third.

I adore the soft grace of the first snowdrops dotted in the green grass the bluish-pink spell of lungwort and the fragrance of violets nestled in the moss.

A walk in our manufactory’s garden in the awakening of spring is always elevating but nothing compares to spotting the first tender leaves of the checkerboard flower peeking out. It feels like celebrating the return of a beloved friend. With its elegantly bowed head, its finely shaped leaves this beauty is ringing in spring to me.


How can a flower possibly be so elegant, a ballet dancer pirouetting with the wind, an elf bowing to greet me. Every time at its first glimpse I sense possibility and mystery.

There is more to the world than what meets my eyes. This is a fresh awakening, the initiation of seeing again and again. An already gorgeous flower becomes even more beautiful, the closer I look. Until I feel its vibrancy, until I see. This is another level of beauty. An unseen life - complete and sublime. This is my initiation into the intimacy of the spring plant world, and the energy of the checkerboard flower is my secret guide.

An unimaginable energetic flow, a field of infinite possibility opens up. You feel an exciting sensation of awakening. Glimpses into the vastness and complexity of wholeness and perfection – outside and inside of yourself.


To initiate these sweet moments of clarity and revelation we offer two high vibe pieces: The Intuitive and I am the light which usher forth the most beautiful results in amplifying your wisdom and clarity.

This is our invitation to guide you deeper into the splendid landscape of seeing. Both of our pieces with a presence as wide as the firmament hold you and with a regular ritual assist you in practicing this fine art.

An inner knowing

Meeting the first piece of our Collection is like a brief seeing.

Every cell inside your body is tuned to look for the signals of high and elevated vibrancy. It is these frequencies that feed and nurture, illuminate and harmonize you.

Each and every cell hungers for these signals. They are literally skinfood of the highest and finest order. Your body will recognize these subtle signs from the first touch on your skin. And you just know that this is what you have been waiting for so long – quite similar to finally meeting your soul mate, this is the start of a life changing love affair.


The Collection looks at you

Each and every bottle and jar of the Max and Me Collection sees you in all your miraculousness, in your magnificence. The plant spirits gently tune into you and recognize the soul and the spirit behind your skin. They love you for who you are.

They are always here for you, believing in you, ushering forth your finest vision and version, holding you high. The glory of the golden drops, the sensousness of the balms, the deep calm of the mask - they see you in all your beauty and bring forth your gorgeousness. Nurturing you where you need to be filled, purifying where energy is stuck, inducing glow and radiance where there is exhaustion, regulating and balancing where unrest and irritability has shown. You feel unconditionally loved, deeply taken care of and incredibly heightened.

A regular ritual

Being at home in your body is a consistent practice. Each and every fine piece of the miraculous Max and Me Collection breathes life into you, creating clarity and outbursts of joy and creativity. Let your ritual guide the way for exploring the depth and breath of who you really are and bond with each and every one of its plant healers in a deep self-care dedication. You feel lighter, radiant, awake.

With a regular ritual each golden drop, each sensuous dollop, each refreshing spritz aligns you with the smooth flow of love, wisdom and knowing - in the tiniest ways. This is a place of birthing into more wholeness. This is to the fullness, the luminance, the most beautiful expression of you.